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Adapticom Inc.

The Networking Partner of the Small & Medium sized business!

Engineering and Technical Solutions

Adapticom provides Networking Services for the small to medium sized business, as well as inidividuals desiring a "well networked" SOHO (Small Office/Home Office).  Adapticom has experience with cost effective "complete office overhauls", in which many or all the computers and network components in the business are upgraded/replaced with zero down-time for the users. 

The Adapticom team of experienced engineering professionals represents a variety of industries and backgrounds.  We have combined our hardware, software, and product development talents to reduce your costs, prevent system down-time, and provide office efficiency.

Networking Services

We provide Network Engineering Services in the following areas:
  • Architecture of Network Systems - Wired, Wireless, & Mixed.
  • Firewall and security issues
  • Remote Access
  • VoIP phone systems
  • IP Video Sureveillance
  • Redundant and off-site backups
  • Low Cost Servers
  • Network Storage
  • RAID systems
  • Custom Alarm Solutions
  • "Mixed Operating System" Networks
  • Other Services

In today’s environment it is advisable to use the expertise of professionals when configuring networks and systems.  Let our staff handle your networking and configuration needs.  Avoid the potential expenses of down-time and the inefficiencies of a poorly configured network.

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