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Welcome to the "AdaptiCAM" Page

On this page you will find some live images from our office cams as well as some links to pertinent information regarding the "AdaptiCAM System".

Available Refresh Rates
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2 sec
3 sec
4 sec
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20 sec
The AdaptiCAMs (Adapticom LAN CAMs)
Note:  These are NOT Web Cams, but rather stand-alone cameras that are known as LAN or network cameras. Each camera contains enough intelligence and networking capability to reside on a network without requiring a PC to be associated with it.

LANready Adapticam #1

Intellinet Adapticam #2

D-Link Camera currently offline
D-Link Adapticam #3

Microscope, Adapticam #4

Please click on the image below to go to one of our live Pan/Tilt cameras that you can control!
You will be prompted for a userid and password. Use "guest" for both the userid and password (all lower case).
Note: Intenet Explorer required for proper operation.

Click HERE to visit our page featuring Adapticom's wireless WAN cam (wWANcam)

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