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New Product Development

Raw PCB layout and fabrication

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BOM costing and cost reduction

Initial Electrical Design

Adapticom provides clients seeking to develop new products, with services covering all aspects of new product development, starting with either writing a product specification document, or the initial electrical design. Electrical designs can be done in the clients choice of CAD packages (Viewlogic and Orcad are favored products)in either a flat or hierarchical configuration.

Design For Security

Adapticom implements DFS (Design For Security) measures early in the design cycle with the implementation of highly integrated digital, analog, and hybrid devices.  Adapticom has particular expertise in the protection of IP with the utilization of of secure programmable logic, along with the implementation of countermeasures to mitigate attack attempts by Class I, II, & III attackers. 

FPGA Design

Adapticom has a long design history with all types FPGA technologies.  FPGA designs can be done in the clients choice of CAD packages (Viewlogic and Orcad are favored products) in either a flat or hierarchical configuration with a mix of VHDL, Verilog, and/or schematic based modules.

Programmable and Reconfigurable logic design

In addition to FPGA design, Adapticom has a long design history with other types of programmable logic, particularly mixed signal Flash based microcontrollers.  Recent advances in device integration have allowed the propagation of reconfigurable devices that encompass a wide variety of common board level functions.  The use of such devices has had a significant positive effect on many design aspects aspects.  Rather than adding components and complexity to the design, these components reduce design overhead in a surprising number of ways.

Today's reconfigurable devices have progressed well beyond the FPGA and PAL technologies that proliferated during the 1990's and now include mixed signal devices such as the Motorola 56800E core-based family of Hybrid Controllers, which combine the processing power of a DSP and the functionality of a microcontoller inside a compact 64-pin LQFP and features 60 MIPS perforamnce (at 60 MHz), along with 48 KB of on-chip Flash memory and a comprehensive set of peripehrals, or the Cypress PSoC CY8C27x family. Each of these PSoC (Programmable System on Chip) devices contain a 24 MHz 8-bit microcontroller unit (MCU); 16 kbytes of flash memory; 256 bytes of SRAM; an 8x8 multiplier with 32-bit accumulator; power and sleep monitoring circuits; and a precision real-time clock. 

Raw PCB layout and fabrication

Raw PCB layout can also be done in the clients choice of CAD packages (Cadence products Orcad & Allegro, along with PADs preferred).  Prototype quantities of the raw card can be procured in just a few days, with working prototypes, either hand built or autoplaced, available within the week.

Prototype builds

Prototype quantities can be in quantities as low as one or two to hundreds.  Once we get your volume in the thousands, we help you select a contract manufacturer that fits your needs.

Mechanical design

While the electrical design is ongoing, we can also help with your mechanical design and packaging requirements.  We have numerous overseas contacts for economical plastic injection moldings.

Bill of Materials (BOM) costing and cost reduction

No product is ever successful without careful attention to cost.  We analyze the entire bill of materials and starting with the most expensive components, work diligently to negotiate ever lower prices.  We specialize in finding equivalent alternatives in Asia and negotiating aggressive pricing.

Certifications (Part 15, Part 68, etc.) - Mitigation work

Prior to volume production, we analyze your target markets and determine the certifications required for sales in those countries and then guide your product through the maze of certification labs and requirements.  Our experience in this area can amount to significant dollar savings, allowing you to put your funding to work in other product development areas.

Contract Manufacturer selection and subsequent liason mission

There are many Contract Manufacturers available, both on the North American continent and overseas.  It is important to match your volume and other specific needs to the right type of manufacturer.  Adapticom can help with this by assisting in drawing up a thorough RFQ and interviewing and visiting each prospective manufacturer.

Manufacturing Engineering

Once your volume manufacturer has been selected, we meet with them as required, ensure a smooth ramp up and handle any of the inevitable engineering issues as they arise.

Cost reduction through further integration (FPGA's ASIC's, etc.)

Once the product enjoys smooth production we work with sales and production figures to determine what levels of further integration can result in a more economical product.  We attempt to sweep everything feasible into either FPGA's or custom ASIC's, depending on the product's volume.

Design Re-use

We organize all our BOM documentation, part numbers, schematics etc., for possible design re-use for follow-on or related products.

Version Control

During the entire process, we use Adapticom's IT resources to provide version control and design archival through a password protected, web based, product specific web site.

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