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What is the advantage of your system?
We offer an economical solution, with options available for all your security needs.  Our system automatically monitors activity at the target site 24 hours/day.  The system is ideal for small business owners that manage more than one location or for homeowners who wish to monitor their property or family while at work or away from the premises.  Users receive a website with a password protected area from which to view images from the camera/s.

Why can't I just use a web cam?
Web cams require a connection to a PC.  The PC must be reliable and remain turned-on to maintain service.  While it is theoretically possible to connect multiple cameras to a PC and keep it running most of the time, if the PC locks up or otherwise becomes inoperable, the whole system is compromised.  Our solution is much more economical and reliable.  Each camera has a small, built-in PC server.  As a result, once configured, the cameras need only be plugged into an Ethernet port and supplied with power.  The added cost and complexity of a PC is not incurred.

Is there any contract that I will need to sign?
No!  We bill quarterly and all that is required is that you keep your account current for the length of time you desire service.


Is the equipment covered in the case of an accident?
An insurance plan is available to cover the equipment in case it is damaged or stolen.  However, since our methodology is to have the very minimum amount of equipment at your site, insurance is typically unnecessary.


How does the monitoring system work?
The images from each camera are automatically sent through the Internet to our Storage Center where they are retained in our server for whatever period you desire.  Images can be sent based upon motion detection or periodically.  Since the images are instantly transmitted off-site, there is no danger of an on-site video recorder or server being stolen or sabotaged.

Can I monitor the cameras myself?
Absolutely!  You have several viewing options.  You can:

Will you hold my archived images?
We save the archived images of your events in the Monitoring Center for whatever time period you designate in your agreement.

Is there a way for me to get the recorded information from your server to my own facility?
Yes you can enter remotely and download the information to your own PC.

Back ups

What happens if there is a power out?
Our equipment is run with an UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system.
In the event of a power out, the AdaptiCAM system will continue to function properly.
The equipment has a lapse time before it shuts down, and images will be saved in the Monitoring Center. 
As part of your installation agreement you may specify the size of your UPS.

How long will the equipment last?
The equipment at your site is guaranteed by us forever and will be replaced free of charge as long as your account with us remains active.

What other forms of back up do you offer?
Your information is stored at the Monitoring Center.  We also offer an optional tape or DVD backup or your images.,


How does your payment plan work?
Installation costs are provided in advance.  A 50% deposit is required to begin service, the remainder is due after installation.  After that your only charge is the small monthly fee for your website and storage area. 

Will I be able to lower my insurance expenses with your system?
It depends on the insurance company you are working with, but in most cases with such a secure system clients receive a reasonable deduction.

Do false alarms have any charge?
Police and Fire departments do charge in many areas for false alarms. We promote a 100% accuracy guarantee, and we are so confident in that, that we will credit your account with any false alarm fine that we are responsible for.

How much will installation cost?
The amount of time spent on installation will depend on the size of your facility, the types of material and surfaces it’s constructed with, as well as how many devices you will be installing. The consultant/installer will quote the installation fee and explain the price in detail.


Do you have a technical support phone number in case I require assistance?
Yes, Technical support is available to you via e-mail at no extra charge.  Additionally, a tool free number is available for voice and fax communications.
The phone number is 1-888-767-7501.

Does your company have employment opportunities?
Yes, we offer equal employment opportunities. We currently have openings for independent field sales representatives as well as maintenance and installation professionals.

Does your Customer Service area have a toll free number?
Yes, our Customer Service department is available to you via e-mail  and can be reached through 1-888-767-7501.

Can I arrange a visit with a sales representative and perform a security consultation for my business?
If you are interested in obtaining our services, we will be happy to send our on-site sales representative to meet with you and discuss the next step.

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