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AdaptiCAM System Workings - Networked cameras for Video Surveillance

How the AdaptiCAM system works

How it works

Cameras and/or optional sensors, along with their controls are placed in different locations throughout your facility, office, or home, and are connected to a router which routes the images to the servers in our storage center.  Additionally, the router allows you to access each individual camera for streaming video and audio.  Unlike other systems, there is no need for a DVR or other expensive equipment.  Although for those who already have cameras and DVR systems, we can easily integrate that equipment into our system.  Since the heart of our system is the networking and no expensive equipment is located on your site, startup costs are low.

Remote control

Users can monitor live video and audio from the home or business from anywhere in the world, just by logging in to your system (login name and password required). The user can remotely pan and tilt the camera, allowing examination of the viewing area in detail.  The camera can be sent on "patrol", scrolling through various, pre-set pan & tilt views.  The cameras can easily be returned to a desired location with one click  These features enable you to follow day to day operations and employee performance through the Internet.  One can also activate / de-activate devices such as spot-lights and sirens.  For home or farm use the cameras can be used to monitor the activities of pets or livestock.

Image Recording

Each camera can be set to store images based on motion detection or by time schedule.  The system recognizes weekdays, weekends and holidays, making its configuration much more practical. Images are instantly transmitted off-site and stored on the servers at our monitoring center. 


Several options are available regarding the length of time the images remain available.  Unlike some systems, which are primarily intended to protect your home or office against intruders at times when the site is unoccupied, our system collects images, typically based on motion, 24 hours a day, providing you with an archived record of what went on at the business on a given day, when employees arrived, departed, what they did, etc.  The system can also be used to provide instant notification upon detection of certain events (motion, excessive heat, noise, etc).

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