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Revision "B"

Abandoned Wire and Cable Removal - Cable Abatement

The 2002 revisions to the National Electrical Code have progressively addressed the issue the fire hazard in commercial buildings caused by abandoned wire and cable.  The newly added requirement(1)(2) for the removal of abandoned cable and wire, while laudable, has created the potential for a large liability to building owners.

Adapticom has assembled a team of Engineers, Attorneys, and Communications Consultants to represent the interests of building owners and ensure that the issue can be resolved efficiently and economically, while protecting both the financial and legal interests of the building owners.  To this end Adapticom provides the following services:
The extent and method of enforcement of the abandoned wire provisions of the 2002 NEC are dependent on local state, county, and city permit and inspection practices.  When the responsible governing body requires abatement only when a large scale demolition is underway, the effects of the provision may be negligible.  However, when compliance with the code is required for an entire building while the building remains operational, the situation changes dramatically providing exposure to significant risks and potential liabilities.  For such situations it is advisable for the owner to engage the services of a professional organization specializing in such activities.

1The definition of abandoned cable, as found in paragraphs 800.2 and 770.2 of the NEC 2002 Book, states
"....Installed communications cable that is not terminated at both ends at a connector or other equipment and not identified "For Future Use" with a tag."

2For copper cable, paragraph 800.52(B) of the NEC Code states "...The accessible portion of abandoned communications cables shall not be permitted to remain.." Additionally, paragraph 800.52(1) states that abandoned cables in vertical runs shall not be permitted to remain.

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